BodyWorn Smart Holster Sensor Activation

The Smart Holster sensor attaches to a gun holster and has the ability to detect when a firearm is removed, negating the need to press buttons to activate cameras in a life or death situation. Once detected, multiple things can happen automatically:

● Real-time alerts to Dispatch and nearby officers

● Policy-based automatic recording

● Smart Pre-event Recording (2 minutes prior)

● Action Zone creation around the area, which would alert and trigger automatic recording of officers within proximity, and officer crossing into that area

● Automatically Quarantine Use-of-Force Video This technology is a crucial tool for law enforcement to guarantee that their officers will have body camera footage of incidents, such as Officer Involved Shootings.

We’ve seen too often in the news where there has been an OIS or claims of police brutality, but ordinary body cameras have either failed to record or fallen off the officer’s uniform. Our technology promotes officer safety and helps to build trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. More at

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