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Statement from Toyobo Concerning National Institute of Justice Report on Zylon

OSAKA, Japan - Toyobo Co., Ltd. is studying the U.S. Department of Justice's National Institute of Justice's report issued today on bullet resistant vests containing Zylon(r) fiber.

Toyobo has not had the chance to examine the underlying data supporting the report but is confident that it has acted in a responsible and transparent manner. Product integrity is Toyobo's number one priority-it has always shared its testing data so that manufacturers can use that information to properly design, engineer and manufacture safe products for the protection of the nation's police and security officers

As a fiber producer, Toyobo is not in the position to test vests but firmly believes Zylon is a superior lightweight fiber for body armor applications when properly used. Toyobo continues to provide its customers with testing data regarding the characteristics of Zylon and instructs them to test any vests containing Zylon to ensure their safety and reliability.

Toyobo has neither seen the National Institute of Justice's most recent data nor been involved in its analysis. Toyobo is eager to examine the recently released report and looks forward to continued cooperation with the Department of Justice. Since the department's initial investigation a year and a half ago, Toyobo has given all of its test data regarding Zylon to the National Institute of Justice.

The National Institute of Justice is encouraging public safety officers to continue to wear their Zylon(r)-containing armor until it is replaced because wearing armor that may have degraded ballistic performance is better than not wearing any armor.

As the Department of Justice continues its investigation, Toyobo looks forward to providing any assistance it can.

Toyobo Co., Ltd is a versatile multi-national company based in Osaka, Japan active in chemicals, fibers, textiles, films biochemicals, and pharmaceutical products. Toyobo was founded in 1882. Toyobo stock is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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