No Games Gear donated to NJ department

Councilman Joseph Chiusolo donated the 24 B.U.G.G.s to Cedar Grove PD

By Chris Nesi

CEDAR GROVE, NJ — The Cedar Grove Police department has garnered numerous distinctions over the years, and now thanks to a councilman's donation, its officers will be on the cutting edge of body armor technology.

The Ballistic Under Garment Gear, or B.U.G.G., resembles a beefed-up pair of bicycle shorts outfitted with bullet-resistant padding on the inner thighs designed to protect the wearer's femoral artery. It's an added layer of protection that could mean the difference between life and death.

"If an officer is shot in that area it could be very fatal very quickly," said Councilman Joseph Chiusolo, who donated the 24 B.U.G.G.s to the department, enough to outfit every officer on the force, making Cedar Grove one of the first municipal police departments in the nation fully-equipped with below-the-waist protection.

Read more on Verona-Cedar Grove Patch.

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