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Russ Innovations Receives a Review from Second Chance Body Armor

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MI - Matt Davis the Group Vice President from Second Chance Body Armor reviewed Russ Innovations Body Armor Hanger. The following is his response to this innovative product:

Dear Russ Innovations,

After reviewing your new product, the Body Armor Hanger, we at Second Chance Body Armor believe that you have found a solution to one of our industries most common problems: improper care of body armor.

It is clear that this new invention will provide numerous benefits to end users. The numerous holes provide ventilation for the armor and allow it to dry between shifts. The support bars adjust to fit any size panels and remove the strain normally placed on the shoulder straps when hung on a hanger. The hook at the top and the legs at the bottom create two different storage possibilities: hang or stand it up.

This is the first product of its’ kind to ever hit the market. The Body Armor Hanger is perhaps the best invention ever for preventing improper care of body armor. We encourage all body armor owners to invest in a Body Armor Hanger by Russ Innovations.


Second Chance Body Armor

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