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American Body Armor Unveils the Xtreme Force, the Newest Member of the Xtreme Body Armor Series

Constructed with Honeywell’s New Spectra Shield® II ballistic material, the Xtreme Force Is Stronger and has More Stopping Power than its Predecessors.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—American Body Armor, part of the BAE Systems Products Group, today introduces the newest model in the renowned Xtreme Body Armor series – the Xtreme Force (XTF).

The new Xtreme Force provides more stopping power when compared to its predecessor, the Xtreme XT and is also more flexible than the Xtreme XT. Constructed from Honeywell’s new Spectra Shield II, which utilizes a Spectra fiber that is 15 times stronger than steel, and Twaron®, one of the most reliable bullet-resistant materials available, the Xtreme Force is hybrid engineering at its finest.

“With American Body Armor’s unique hybrid engineering and Honeywell’s new Spectra Shield II, we have achieved an improved level of protection,” said Mark Zucco, Brand Manager of American Body Armor. “While maintaining the strict performance standards of American Body Armor and the Xtreme Body Armor series, we’ve developed a stronger and more flexible vest, making the XTF more extreme than ever.”

That legacy of hybrid engineering is the foundation of the XTF and is combined with Spectra Shield II material, which utilizes Honeywell’s proven Shield technology and an improved Spectra® fiber. The fiber has a specific strength up to 40-percent greater than aramid fibers and helps Spectra Shield II provide up to a 20 percent improvement in ballistic performance over previous Spectra Shield ballistic composite products.

“Our ballistic composite materials have been protecting law enforcement personnel for more than 20 years and Spectra Shield II builds on this history,” said Joe Gelo, business director of Honeywell’s Advanced Fiber and Composites business. “This partnership brings together some of the most advanced ballistic materials and engineering techniques available. We’re excited and proud to be working with American Body Armor and BAE Systems Products Group to help protect those that protect us.”

Founded in 1969, American Body Armor (ABA™) is one of the most respected body armor-producing companies in the world and is a leading manufacturer of concealable body armor for law enforcement professionals. A leader in hybrid technology, ABA introduced hybrid armor when it developed a patented combination of nylon and steel plates in the late 1960’s. Now, nearly 40 years after its founding, ABA continues to be one the most trusted name in body armor.

The Xtreme Body Armor line is among the most widely recognized and trusted names in the body armor industry. ABA engineers lead the industry in hybrid engineering by incorporating leading lightweight materials with an engineered system of protection that increases energy transfer exponentially compared to traditional armor.

The Xtreme Force is currently available in NIJ-certified Level II vests and will be available soon in NIJ-certified Level IIIA vests.

For more information about ABA, please visit www.americanbodyarmor.com.

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