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Protective Products International Receives Approval from NIJ for Standard-0101.06 Body Armor

One of First Companies to Receive Compliance

SUNRISE, FL- Protective Products International (PPI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Protective Products of America, Inc. (PPA: TSX), a manufacturer and distributor of advanced ballistic protective products is one of the first companies to receive compliance status approval from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) for a model within our new “DX Series” of body armor. As of May 29th 2009, PPI’s model DX-IIA was found by the NIJ’s Voluntary Body Armor Compliance Testing Program to satisfy the requirements of the new NIJ Standard–0101.06 for level IIA protection. Our level II and IIIA models for this series have successively completed certification testing and are waiting administrative approval from NIJ.

PPI’s “DX Series” was specifically designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the NIJ Standard-0101.06. This series is a hybridized construction employing two state of the art ballistic materials, a woven fabric utilizing Teijin Aramid’s Twaron para-aramid fiber, and DSM Dyneema’s non-woven unidirectional Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene fiber. With the combination of these two ballistic materials, PPI’s engineering team was able to develop a high performing, light weight, extremely comfortable body armor system that not only meets the NIJ standard but will also defeat multiple special threat projectiles.

The new NIJ-0101.06 standard encompasses many changes from the previous NIJ-0101.04 standard which include, but are not limited to, revised projectiles (threats) and velocities, the number of ballistic tests conducted, multiple sizing templates, environmental conditioning and water submersion requirements. For more information on the new NIJ-0101.06 standard please click on the below link or contact PPI. NIJ Standard-0101.06: http://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/223054.pdf

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About Protective Products of America, Inc.
Protective Products of America, Inc. (“PPA”), formerly known as Ceramic Protection Corporation, is headquartered in Sunrise, Florida, with manufacturing facilities in Sunrise, Florida and Granite Falls, North Carolina. The Company, together with its subsidiaries, is engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of advanced products used to provide ballistic protection for personnel and vehicles in the military and law enforcement markets. The Company's product portfolio includes concealable soft body armor products for law enforcement and the Modular Tactical Vest (“MTV”), a ballistic system for military personnel.


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