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Survival Armor Falcon6 Saves Massachusetts State Trooper

Tamik Kirkland, who was accused of taking part in at least three shootings, escaped the MCI Shirley, a minimum-security prison located 50 miles from Boston, Massachusetts, by stuffing a dummy in his bed during head count on Monday, April 25, 2011. Kirkland was at large the entire week evading police until witnesses spotted Kirkland on Saturday. Police sped to a duplex where they believed a family member or ally lived. They spotted a silver sedan backing into the driveway and Kirkland hopping into the trunk. As the vehicle tried to pull away Police blocked the vehicle and took the driver into custody. As police surrounded the vehicle, Kirkland popped out of the trunk and opened fired on the officers hitting the Massachusetts State Trooper center mass on his bullet resistant armor. The Trooper had been issued his new Falcon6, threat level II NIJ 0101.06 certified armor just 3 weeks earlier! The State Trooper was back to work within a week with a newly issued Survival Armor Falcon6 level II armor! More information will be released pending ongoing investigation by Massachusetts State Police.


About Survival Armor:
Concealable and tactical body armor for law enforcement, military and federal governments. Survival Armor goes beyond the standard NIJ template for production of our armor. Our enhanced NIJ template is designed for more coverage in areas of concern by officers today. More covereage equals peace of mind for the wearer, which leads to more armor being worn, which translates to more officers surviving.

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