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Announcing Deliberate Dynamics' Gen2 Plate Carrier

The Deliberate Dynamics Gen2 was built from the ground up using input from guys that are deployed currently using the Gen1 low-profile Plate Carrier. The Gen2 provides all of the benefits that made the Gen1 so popular while adding key features to make it even more versatile in low-visibility, high-threat environments. This plate carrier is purpose-built, allowing you to have hard armor protection against rifle threats with a profile that is used to only allow for soft armor.  Some of the benefits include:

Soft Velcro on the Front:
Allows you to attach patches, mag pouches, and quick mounting platform.
Used for velcro’d devices that are normally attached to the dash in Low-Pro vehicle operations, such as a cell phone. Allow for hands-free communications when on the speaker phone, if needed.

Form-Fitted/Adjustable Cumber Bun:
Allows you to wear a traditional concealed carry holster as well as mag pouches without your armor getting in the way of your draw.

Swift Clip Attachments:
Allows you to add a Swift Clip Fastex buckle to the front so you can quickly mount a chest rig when it’s go time.

Thin Shoulder Straps:
An excellent compromise between conceal ability and comfort, thinner straps mean less printing in lighter weight clothing.

Plate Sized:
This allows less “sloshing around” because our carriers fit the plates so well.  Steel or ceramic, we have a cut that fits the ultra-low-profile Velocity Systems plates, as well as shooters cut plates.  Size of the Gen2 Plate Carrier is based on plate size.

Quick On and Off:
This makes it easy to get in and out of your armor, which is good for quick reaction as well as ease if you are in and out of the wire several times a day.

*Lifetime unconditional warranty means you don’t have to worry about anything, EVER!

Visit online at: www.deliberatedynamics.com
Email: info@deliberatedynamics.com
Phone: 702-672-8495

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