Remote-control deadly force decisions

Dear Senior Law Enforcement Administrator,

Even if you could see through an officer’s eyes and hear through their ears via wireless Internet hookup, you would still know too little and react too slowly to remotely pull the trigger in a lethal force confrontation. Why would you think you can remotely make any tactical decisions at a distant critical incident scene?

Sworn Law Enforcement Officer

The technology needed for remote-control deadly force decisions already exists. The act of drawing your weapon could, through a wireless connection, energize video and audio transmission circuits which would instantly feed into the ‘BlackBerry’ on the belt of your immediate supervisor. Said supervisor could then remotely enable your weapon’s firing system, allowing you actually direct deadly force at the felon who is shooting at you. Except, in any agency likely to use such technology, I suspect at least one additional level of supervisory authority would be needed to co-authorize the use of deadly force. Let’s even include a prosecuting attorney and district judge in the authorization loop. After all, wireless technology moves at the speed of light, doesn’t it? If you think there aren’t some police administrators who would love to create just such a system, think again.

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