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August Roundup: Police Communications

PoliceOne is focusing on news and information about Police Communications news, products and technologies throughout the month of August 2010. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the PoliceOne Communications eNews - a collection of news, video, tips and information about communications technologies and challenges impacting law enforcement. Check out the August 2010 issue and be sure to subscribe to the free Communications News to stay up to date on the latest in Police Communications.

Connecting the Dots: Enabling Interoperable Public Safety CommunicationsEnabling Interoperable Public Safety Communications
Emergencies don’t recognize boundaries and when a crisis hits, agencies from all points on the compass come to the call for mutual aid. However, public safety agencies have struggled to enable first responders from multiple disciplines, jurisdictions, and levels of government to communicate during emergencies. PoliceOne is proud to partner with Cisco to provide a free, downloadable PDF eSupplement with valuable information for emergency communications. Visit the PoliceOne eSupplement Section and simply log in using your existing PoliceOne account or quickly register for full access.

Nixle's Municipal Wire
Nixle’s Municipal Wire is the first standardized, secure, and certified communication platform for local police departments, municipalities, and their agencies to communicate important, neighborhood-level information to the residents of their communities. Nixle's Municipal Wire is available at no cost to residents or police departments, and uses the same compelling model as social applications, such as Twitter and Facebook, while adding the security that is critical to ensure information received by users is Trusted and Accurate. Learn more about Nixl.

Harris Unity™ XG-100 Multiband RadioHarris Unity™ delivers true interoperability.
The company that developed the world's first full-spectrum land mobile radio now brings you the next-generation Harris Unity™ XG-100 Multiband Radio. With true full-spectrum frequency coverage from 136 to 870 MHz, extended battery life, and full P25 compliance, it enables you to connect with responders from any agency, whether they’re on analog or digital. Wherever you are, whatever the operation, carry the one radio that unites the entire team. Learn more about Harris' recently awarded Federal acquisition contract for multiband land mobile radios here.

Push to Talk from Verizon WirelessUpgrade to America's Largest Push to Talk Coverage Area
Verizon Wireless, the same people who created America’s most reliable wireless voice Network, now bring you America’s largest Push to Talk coverage area. Proven devices and best-in-class service are two more great reasons to make the switch. When you need to connect now - to get information, make an emergency announcement or mobilize employees - you can count on Push to Talk. Connect instantly with individuals or groups with the push of a button. Learn more about Push to Talk from Verizon Wireless.

StarGate Dispatch Console See the Difference with EFJohnson Technologies
EFJohnson's StarGate Dispatch Console is the next generation in IP-based consoles for first responders. StarGate has a unique touch-screen graphical user interface that is designed with the dispatcher in mind. The Lightning Control Head for our award-winning 5300 ES Series Mobile Radio has the brightest and clearest display on the market today, using display technology from military applications. Browse the full line of EFJohnson Technologies products online here.

For more information on Police Communications news, products and technologies, visit the PoliceOne Police Communications Product Category and be sure to subscribe to the free Communications eNewsletter.

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