Multistate serial killers pose special problems for cops

Police suspect a serial killer has attacked 20 men in Michigan, Ohio and Virginia since May, killing five and wounding others

By David Lohr
AOL News

FLINT, Mich. — Police will have a much harder time tracking a serial killer suspected of more than a dozen stabbings in Michigan because he also has been linked to attacks in at least two other states, an expert forensic consultant says.

"There is a problem that always arises in geographically dispersed serial killings," Dr. Park Dietz told AOL News. "Despite the best efforts of law enforcement, some cases are missed because a body hasn't been discovered, there was a different weapon used or the case was unreported. So it is very difficult to get a complete list of the cases."

Dietz is president of Park Dietz & Associates, which has given court testimony or consultation on numerous serial killer cases, including those involving Jeffrey Dahmer, the Green River murders and the D.C. snipers.

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