Wisconsin Chief’s of Police Association Celebrates 100th Year Anniversary

In 1907 a group of Wisconsin police chiefs met to organize a statewide association to promote collegiality and professionalism among the highest ranks.  Today the association is a strong, solvent and progressive organization with over 500 members.

To celebrate this century of service, the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association, (WCPA) hosted their WCPA 100th Anniversary Annual Conference in Madison.  The conference, was the biggest ever with over 300 Chiefs and 200 others attending. The conference was held at the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Monona Terrace Convention Center, July 29 through August 1st, 2007.

The conference theme, “Celebrating Our Past, Envisioning Our Future”, was evident through the four-day affair with historical display, technology exhibits, 21st Century training and a program honoring those who came before.

The association also showcased hundreds of items of police memorabilia and equipment from Wisconsin police agencies including weapons, squad cards, radios and other historically interesting articles.

The WCPA’s partners Enforcement Technology Group, Inc. provided a presentation to familiarize the association with several new features of their website including the “Members Area” Questions & Answer Board, Updating Individual Members Online Profiles, Utilization of the Active Member contact list, the Photo Gallery, as well the launch of the fully functional online “Merchandise Mall.”

During the conference, the Wisconsin Police Leadership Foundation (WPLF) which dedicates itself to the furtherance of leadership education and advancements of law enforcement management, honored Professor Herman Goldstein. Professor Goldstein, considered by many to be the father of Problem Oreinted Policing, has changed the face of law enforcement with his theories and publication on problem solving verses reactionary law enforcement.

The Annual Banquet formally celebrated the association bringing their past and future together by paying a special tribute to retired chiefs in attendance. The tribute was followed by a keynote address by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) president Joseph Carter. During Chief Carter’s dynamic speak he provided many thoughts on the future of policing.

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