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ETGI Announces Registration for ICNA Seminar

2008 Illinois Crisis Negotiator Association (ICNA) Scenario Based & CNT Training Seminar, April 22nd - 25th, 2008 in Peoria, IL

Enforcement Technology Group, Inc. (ETGI) proud supporters of the Illinois Association of Crisis Negotiators (ICNA) invites you to register for the 2008 ICNA Scenario Based & CNT Training Seminar.

On April 22nd, 2008 ECSO-1 Recertification and/or Scenario Based Training will be avialable for ICNA members. ECSO-1 Recertification and Scenario Based Training space is limited so if you are interested in participating in these events, please register ASAP.

On April 23rd, 2008 the CNT Training Seminar will commence and will feature the following guest speakers and topics:

  • "Perspectives on Responding to Terrorism; Issues for Crisis Negotiations:"  FBI Special Agent (ret.) Robert Shay
  • "Negotiations at Waco & Lessons Learned:" FBI Special Agent (ret.) Michael G. Goergen
  • "West Nickel Mines Amish School Shooting:" Lt. A.J. Krawczel & Sgt. Doug Burg (Pennsylvania State Police)
  • "Negotiating with Mass Murderers, Spree Killers, and Serial Killers:" Dr. Kenneth B. Cairns (Pennysylvania Dept. of Corrections)
  • "Bank Robbery/Hostage Incident:" Sgt. Charles Chandler (Westerville Police Dept.)
  • "Domestic Hostage Situation:" Lt. Scott Frier (Lexington Co. Sheriff's Office

For complete information and to download the 2008 ICNA Registration form, visit ETGI’s website http://www.etgi.us or visit www.icnaonline.com.

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