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ETGI Announces Commander Charles “Sid” Heal (LASD) Powerpoint® Presentations Available for FREE Download Online

As a service to members of the law enforcement and military community, Enforcement Technology Group, Inc. (ETGI) has uploaded the following PowerPoint presentations authored by Commander Charles “Sid” Heal (LASD) to the “Secure Area” of our website:

• Fighting in Five Dimensions

• Maneuvering in Time

• Nine Principles of War

• Mobs, Riots, & Less than Lethal

• Characteristics of Crises 

• Nature of Crises

• Crisis Action Planning

• Operations

• Crisis Decision Making

• Planning

• Envisioning End State

• Plans

• Intel

• Terrain Analysis

• Logistics

• Tactics, Art or Science?

The PowerPoint presentations are provided free of charge to law enforcement and military professionals by Commander Sid Heal of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD). They may be used for training, court room presentations, and similar purposes, including distribution to other law enforcement officers. They may not be republished or used for profit, including training or presentations, without Commander Sid Heal’s expressed permission. 

Commander Heal’s PowerPoint presentations are designed to be augmented by qualified instruction and are in a near constant state of revision to ensure they represent the cutting edge of what is known on the subject. Consequently, future iterations of specific subjects are not only possible, but probable. They closely follow the book, Sound Doctrine: A Tactical Primer and are part of a comprehensive course on tactical science designed to provide students a fundamental but thorough understanding of tactical concepts. 

Due to the sensitive nature of the topics covered in these PowerPoint presentations, they are only viewable/available download within “Media Center” of the password protected/encrypted “Secure Area” of our website. Please visit: http://www.etgi.us/register.php to register for “Secure Area” website access to view/download these presentations and learn more about cutting Crisis Response Equipment solutions. NOTE: “Secure Area” Access is ONLY granted to authorized law enforcement/military professionals.

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