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ETGI Supports Louisiana Association of Crisis Negotiators (LACN)

Enforcement Technology Group, Inc. (ETGI) proud supporters of the Louisiana Association of Crisis Negotiators (LACN), is pleased to provide the following information regarding the 11th Annual LACN Training Conference.

General Information:

Dates: March 11th-13th, 2009
Location: Quality Hotel & Conference Center (Houma, LA)
Early Registration Fee: $150.00 (if registered by March 2nd, 2009)

Seminar Highlights:

The 2009 LACN Conference is a 24-hour training course that will feature Louisiana Trooper Bobby Smith and other experience Crisis Negotiation Instructors from throughout the United States.

Attendees will further their Crisis Negotiator’s skills through debriefs of crisis situations, lectures on topics relating to the field of Crisis Negotiations and scenario-based training for your team:

  • • Team Building & Concepts
  • • Incident Debriefings
  • • Active Listening Skills
  • • Dynamic Scenario Training & Observations
  • • Negotiating with Suicidal Subjects
  • • CNT, CIT, and CISM Networking
  • • Much, Much More!

Contact Information:

Sgt. Craig Rhodes (LACN Secretary)
Phone: 985-876-8834
Email: craig.rhodes@dps.la.gov

Sgt. Tracy Morgan (LACN President)
Phone: 337-302-2499
Email: tracy.morgan@dps.la.gov

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