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Pa. man dies after unheeded 911 calls, family sues

Man waited 30 hours for help during a snowstorm, making several 911 calls

By Joe Mandak
Associated Press

PITTSBURGH — The children of a Pittsburgh man who died after waiting 30 hours for help during a snowstorm despite repeated calls to 911 are suing.

The lawsuit claims the city, the county dispatch center and the various paramedics and emergency medical services brass are responsible for the February death of 50-year-old Curtis Mitchell. The storm dropped nearly two feet of snow on the city.

One paramedic was fired, and three others were suspended over Mitchell's death.

The Associated Press obtained the lawsuit his children are filing Thursday, which claims ambulance crews couldn't drive to his home because two feet of snow clogged roads. But, instead of paramedics walking to Mitchell's home, the suit says the crews repeatedly insisted he walk at least one block to them.

When Mitchell couldn't do that because of his pain, the ambulances left.

City officials had previously apologized to Mitchell's family.

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