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Telex Communications Announces the C-Soft VoIP Software Dispatch Console

Telex C-Soft VoIP The Vega C-Soft software console is a Microsoft Windows application that enables a PC with a full duplex sound card and a network connection to monitor and control two-way radios that are connected to the network.

The software console is entirely user configurable through the CSoftDesigner program. Using this program, the radio system specialist creates a custom dispatch screen with only those elements required by the end user. If a function is not required, it can be left off of the screen layout. Dispatchers with differing requirements can be given different screen designs. Once the screen layout is created, the designer program generates a file that is read by the CSoftRuntime program. The runtime software does the actual IP communications with the other radio elements available on the network. This single screen design file makes it easy for the designer to send updates to users wherever they may be located.

The C-Soft package is fully compatible with popular touch screen monitors. Vega offers an HB-3 adapter that allows standard desk microphone, headset and footswitch control of the PC dispatch station. Standard PC audio devices are also supported.

Colors and text can be changed for each state of a control button of function. The background colors can be changed. Groups of buttons can be placed within Popup windows to allow for logical grouping of controls. Variables can be placed onto buttons as text so that button names can change dynamically with radio activity.

As the software is updated by Vega, upgrades will be posted on the website for free download. The runtime program is secured from copying by use of a hardware key. When ordering the software, please specify whether a Parallel port or USB based key is required. The software console is a 32bit C++ application that can be multitasked with other programs running under Windows. This allows for other software applications to be executed on the same PC as the software console.

For more information on how Telex can improve your dispatch/communication needs, please visit www.telex.com/radiodispatch

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