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Concept Seating Announces the Pro Copper Vehicle Seats

An Unprecedented Approach to Comfort, Safety and Durability.

Every year, many of America's officers have been killed in the line of duty. Approximately 25% of those officers died in vehicle accidents involving their patrol car. These figures don't include the percentage of officers injured in automobile accidents from the 23,000 injuries encountered each year by America's police officers.

Sensitivity to the death of an officer has made soft body armor a standard safety item and has greatly contributed to the 90's officer death rate being the lowest in many decades. Soft body armor may protect an officer from knives and bullets, but provides little help against a 3800-pound missile inbound at over 95 feet per second. That's how much ground a vehicle can cover in the blink of an eye. And, if that vehicle happens to impact the rear of a squad car... the seat belt won't help... the soft body armor won't help... most likely the factory seat won't help... but a PRO COPPER seat will!

In addition to saving lives, the PRO COPPER seat saves backs, saves lost duty time, and saves dollars. It also contributes to increased efficiency, higher moral, and better reaction time. It even moves from vehicle to vehicle as the fleet changes, so it isn't a lost expense.

We can measure the deaths. We know the number of squad cars that are destroyed each year in traffic accidents. What we cannot measure is the misery and fatigue that robs the officer of stamina so desperately needed to perform the simplest of duties. The patented orthopedically and ergonomically designed PRO COPPER seat will protect the officer from the misery and fatigue of the day in and day out discomfort endured by working in a squad car with an OEM seat that is "on the floor", because of broken supports, collapsed foam padding or a broken seat back hinge.

For more information, visit www.procopper.com or call (800) 892-5563, or click here to learn about Concept Seating. 

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