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Telex Communications' VOIP Dispatch Equipment Now Compatible With Most Common European Radio and Control Standards

Telex's new Tetra radio system interface and 5/6 tone decoding capabilities allow for integration of radio dispatch equipment into European markets.

Minneapolis, MN - Worldwide, Tetra is the most widely deployed digital radio system for public safety. Compatibility with this system, and the ability to encode and decode 5/6 tone, allows Telex Communications' dispatch equipment to be deployed throughout the world.

Tetra system compatibility consists of a software upgrade to the IP-223 and a new interface cable that connects the system to the Sepura SRM2000 mobile radio. Dispatchers will have complete control of the radio including RX and TX audio, channel change and call ID. The radio then facilitates universal RF compatibility with all types of Tetra radio systems. The advantage of this configuration is that it offers a rapid and relatively low cost deployment.

5/6 tone and DTMF decoding, allows the IP-223 and Vega VoIP Dispatch Consoles to display ANI (Automatic Numerical Identification) information, up to 7 digits, from radios supporting the standard 5/6 tone signaling formats (EIA, CCIR, ZVEI1-3, PZVEI, and EEA) and DTMF ANI.

These upgrades have been integrated into the C-Soft, Software Based Dispatch Console, and the IP-223, IP Adaptor Panel. Plans for integrating these upgrades into other Telex IP-based dispatch equipment are ongoing.

Telex Communications' radio dispatch equipment has been marketed in the United States for over 25 years under the Vega brand. Currently, the company manufactures both analog and IP-based dispatch solutions for fixed, mobile and portable installations under both the Telex and Vega brand names.

About Telex Communications
Telex Communications, Inc. is headquartered in Burnsville, Minnesota - USA, and is a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of sophisticated audio and wireless communications equipment to commercial, professional and industrial customers. Telex Communications, Inc. markets products worldwide under the Dynacord, Electro-Voice, Klark Teknik, Midas, RTS Telex and Vega brands. These products are used in airports, theaters, sports arenas, concert halls, cinemas, stadiums, convention centers, television and radio broadcast studios, houses of worship, public safety agencies, schools, government institutions, utilities and other venues where music or speech is amplified or transmitted in a mission critical setting.

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