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Sentinel Consulting Group to Provide Law Enforcement Procurement Consulting

High Point, NC – Sentinel Consulting Group (SCG), a law enforcement & security consulting firm, is offering a new service to public safety agencies. 

Technology use in law enforcement has increased dramatically in the past 5-10 years and it has created nearly as many challenges as it has solutions.  Agencies, small to mid-size in particular, have found themselves without the staff necessary to effectively research and test products.  The subsequent need for accurate specifications and a successful bid cause many departments to utilize the vendors for far more than would be legal or ethical.

“Many departments are pulling sworn personnel from critical roles where they are already under their authorized strength,” said Greg Leimone, President of SCG.  “These officers, despite good intentions, often have a large learning curve and the results can be detrimental to budgets and overall operations of the agency.”  “Our role is simple, we are the project managers; we work with purchasing to understand their policies, the department to clearly assess their needs both current and future and lastly we conduct extensive research on the vendors.”

Unfortunately, many mistakes have already been made, some in which agencies spent $200,000 and witnessed the company go out of business one month later.  In other cases, custom products such as Mobile Command Centers are delivered that do not meet the original bid specifications.  As federal funding has been tightened in recent years, it is critically important that agencies spend their money wisely and ensure that the technology will grow with them for years to come.

About Sentinel Consulting Group
Sentinel Consulting Group is a law enforcement and security training and consulting company.  With a combined 60+ years of law enforcement, security and disaster response experience, consultants with SCG possess background in purchasing and implementing technology both for their own agencies and working directly for technology companies selling products to law enforcement departments.  SCG offers completely un-biased, vendor neutral consulting services to aide in the procurement and technology implementation project oversight for departments across the United States.

For more information, visit www.scgsecurity.com.

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