Miami Gardens Police Department Celebrates New Real Time Crime Center


On the day of the event, city officials, members of law enforcement, and the media gathered in the RTCC in front of a large red ribbon stretched across newly-installed work stations. The ceremony included speeches from Mayor Oliver Gilbert and Chief-of-Police Antonio Brooklen, who addressed the public regarding the new facility and its impact on the community. Chief Brooklen spoke passionately about how the new technology would enhance the Miami Gardens Police Department’s four pillars of focus: (1) policing & patrol; (2) reactive through investigating; (3) proactive through surveillance; and (4) intelligence through crime analytics. As the ceremony came to an end, four city officials cut the ribbon before providing a demonstration of the technology.

The RTCC features a total of four LCD video walls, a video wall processor, and touch control software designed and integrated by CineMassive. The video walls will provide a high-resolution platform where police can display and monitor all of their informational sources and tools, such as city surveillance cameras, vehicle license plate readers, crime analytics, and a gunfire detection program called ShotSpotter. In the event of a crime, members of law enforcement can leverage the system to investigate, analyze, and respond in real-time.

The department has set a new benchmark for police departments everywhere by pairing crime-fighting software with visualization technology to better serve their community. CineMassive is honored to have partnered with the City of Miami Gardens and the Miami Gardens Police Department to deliver a solution that will have a long-term impact on improving their community.

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