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Telex Communications, Inc. And Twisted Pair Solutions, Inc. Announce Combined Solutions Capabilities

Cooperative efforts yield the world's first enterprise-wide interoperability solution with robust dispatch control.

Minneapolis, MN, Seattle, WA: Telex Communications, Inc and Twisted Pair Solutions, Inc. have entered into a joint working relationship to promote the combined capabilities of their respective solutions. Both companies produce reliable and flexible IP-based communications management technologies that have been deployed around the world in a variety of applications. Each enjoys the unique distinction of having been the first to field and widely distribute their solutions into their respective markets, giving the combined solutions a successful history of real-world use.

By combining these proven communication management systems, Telex and Twisted Pair deliver robust radio control, IP dispatch and scalable enterprise-wide voice interoperability.

Twisted Pair's software based WAVE solution manages real-time, secure, group communications over the IP network, linking in people and devices. The solution is an open architecture, and can be deployed using commercial off-the-shelf components. It allows seamless voice interoperability among multiple types of communications assets, including IP phone systems, personal computers, cell phones, and radios. The WAVE Dispatch and Desktop Communicator (end-user applications) offer access to broad user communities, leveraging the value benefits of IP based communications environments. With the WAVE management platform, users are able to monitor and join other communication activities on the system within a wide range of settable permissions. Other features such as presence and status, as well as text messaging, are supported.

Telex's IP-based dispatch solutions combine world class dispatch capabilities with the industry's most advanced radio-to-network interface to deliver unrivaled management and control of two-way radios and other communications assets via an IP network. The system simplifies dispatch configuration, deployment and expansion, allowing quick set-up and easy back-up of dispatch capabilities. Additionally, Telex's solutions are a completely distributed architecture, eliminating the need for central electronics banks, servers or switches, thereby significantly lowering the overall cost of ownership for the end user. Telex offers a full range of desktop and CRT based consoles as well as hardware designed specifically for the rigors of the Landmobile radio world. When Telex's technology is combined with the power of Twisted Pair's WAVE solution, the result is a system that is redefining the world of communications.

Said Dave Gilbert, VP of Product Management and Marketing for Telex, "Imagine the power of a system that allows professional dispatchers the level of advanced function and control that they demand, while interoperating with virtually any kind of communications device - two way radio systems, satellite communications devices, telephone systems of any kind, computers, PA systems and more. Imagine a system that not only provides the finest mission critical and incident communication, but also improves everyday communications and operational efficiency by allowing users the flexibility to 'conference in' from any device. That's the potential of a combined solution using our two technologies."

Rene Grossrieder, VP of Sales and Marketing for Twisted Pair Solutions added, "This relationship allows both companies to offer a much wider range of solutions to our customers. Since the Telex products now work natively with the WAVE management engine, opportunities for true interoperability become unbridled. Providing better business continuity through a managed communications environment leverages both companies' competencies and enables a simple and powerful solution - something customers have been asking for."

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