Sun Ridge Systems Introduces Public Safety Software Information Sharing Capabilities

New software allows seamless inter-agency data sharing


Sun Ridge Systems today announced the release of RIMS Collaborate, a software solution which allows public safety agencies to transparently and securely communicate among other agencies currently using Sun Ridge Systems RIMS.

RIMS Collaborate lets agency personnel to check persons, vehicles and even officer reports (if permission is allowed) of all connected agencies. It will provide the same detailed information personnel are used to seeing in their local reports.

Shared information is also available from remote locations such as an active patrol car or mobile command center. Each officer in the field can search the records of all RIMS agencies as well as the state and NCIC system. The connected system of agencies allows public safety personnel to access one of the most advanced searchable databases offered today.

In addition to interagency data sharing, RIMS Collaborate also offers separate agencies a secure mode of sending and receiving e-mail communications. Whether dispatcher-to-dispatcher, or officer-to-officer or patrol car-to patrol car, personnel now have a private means of sharing data.

“While many companies have recently announced data-sharing solutions in the interest of “homeland security” no one has really presented a solution that is fully-functional. And, of course, some of the proposed solutions are very expensive,” said Tony Richards, President of Sun Ridge Systems. “We aren’t promising a solution to every agency’s data sharing needs, but we do have a working solution for agencies using RIMS. It’s not vaporware, it’s something that our customers are using on a daily basis to solve crimes.”

RIMS is a comprehensive public safety software package developed by Sun Ridge Systems. Its integrated design makes everything immediately available to everybody at any time, within security restrictions. Sun Ridge Systems’ RIMS software is renowned in the user community for its superior ease of use. Anchored by Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management System (RMS) technology, RIMS is designed to answer all the information handling needs of public safety agencies.

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