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Lightsword Speaker Microphone With Led Illumination Now Available From OTTO

OTTO OTTO Communications announces the new, patented Lightsword Speaker Microphone with dual LED lighting feature, adding a new level of functionality to the traditional speaker microphone. Lightsword integrates two 4600 milli-candela super bright LED's into the front cover of an Evolution speaker mic, providing hands free illumination of the immediate area with the flip of a switch. Lightsword can also be used like a mini-flashlight when removed from the lapel and held in the hand. Lightsword was developed as a back-up and auxiliary light source for law enforcement, but also has potential uses in fire fighting, military and industrial applications. The inventor is an active member of a federal law enforcement agency.

Lightsword is based on the proven OTTO Evolution speaker microphone platform and the MIL-STD-810 blowing rain seal has been maintained. The LED lighting is controlled with an off/on control knob on the front of the speaker mic. Design features include two high output, pure white, 4600 milli-candela LED's with 30 degree beam width. One hour of "lights on" is equal to approximately one minute of transmit time. Actual results will vary based on battery condition and other factors. Lightsword is not designed to replace traditional service flashlights but does offer the convenience and safety of an auxiliary and back up light incorporated into the traditional lapel worn speaker mic

OTTO Communications designs and manufactures a full line of two-way radio accessories for the most demanding applications including public safety, fire, police, security, surveillance, hospitality and industrial markets. OTTO provides a full line of accessories including surveillance kits, lightweight and heavy-duty headsets, ear hangers, remote speaker microphones, skull and throat microphones, dispatch and racing communications equipment. OTTO Communications supports a wide range of radio platforms providing accessories for most major two-way radios.

For more information on OTTO's Lightsword Speaker Microphone and other OTTO Communications products, please visit www.ottoeng.com

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