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Illinois State Police Equip 80 Troopers with the Invisio Bone Mic Headset

Invisio bone-mic headset Invisio - a bone mic tactical headset - so small it fits totally inside your ear - was selected by Illinois State Police following extensive test and evaluation.

Because the Invisio bone-mic headset is unaffected by high ambient noise, Motorcycle officers report flawless communications at speeds over 70MPH.

In as much as it fits totally inside your ear, it does not interfere with gas masks, SCBAs, goggles or helmets. Invisio is practically invisible...officers can use their radio without being seen to use their radio. You monitor you radio covertly at all times, confidential communications can not be overheard.

Numerous Lower Cordsets with unique press to talk switches - are offered for both SWAT, HAZMAT and surveillance applications. Redundant long-weapon PTT switches can be provided for sniper and machine operation requirements.

Evaluations without obligation are available from TV Equipment for military, municipal and government organizations and an audio demonstration of the mic performance can be heard at www.swatheadsets.com

For information, please contact Bill Pegler 310-457-7401

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