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Report from Baghdad on Invisio Bone Mic Headset from TEA

I live and work in the "Red Zone" of Baghdad Iraq on a high threat personal security detail. I began searching for a new headset after a last minute change to our mission made me a 'Personal Protective Officer' on a detail at one of the Iraqi government buildings, also located in the "Red Zone". While ditching my rifle and TAC Vest for the concealed gear of a PPO, my company issued three-wire surveillance earpiece rig was pulled into pieces and rendered useless as the clients began moving inside. The result was that I had to do the detail with ineffective/improper COMM in a less than hospitable environment on a real close protection mission. I recently got my INVISIO Bone MIC and PTT and have been pleased by what a damn fine piece of equipment it is. I change from positions working with clients as PPO in the nearly silent limousines, to riding in the open gun trucks. The clarity and volume of this earpiece is amazing. I now have to turn the volume down to less than 1/4 while riding at 70+mph with the windows down. (Previously I couldn't hear much even at full volume) This rig is also much simpler to make quick changes from TAC Vest to concealed gear when doing close protection work indoors.

I was considering adding the custom ear mould but the more I use this rig, the more I'm pleased with the performance as it is! Sorry, but it looks like your excellent product cheated you out of an additional sale! I've tried headsets from the major manufacturers and their products were cheap, bulky and lacked the clarity and volume of the INVISIO Bone MIC and did nothing to filter outside noise. I was also incensed beyond words when this substandard equipment broke and I was informed by the local dealer that there was no repair, only the sale of new equipment. When I contacted TEA/SwatHeadsets I got an immediate response and detailed information. My PTT switch was specifically made to mount to my duty radio and shipped promptly. This attention and service is invaluable when living/working in the "Red Zone" of Baghdad Iraq. I've found the "Gold Standard" with the INVISIO Bone MIC and you company. Thank you for such an excellent product, and the service. PSB Baghdad Iraq (Red

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