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New Crime Fighting Tool Turns Cops into Video Cameras

It looks like a common police radio but a hidden camera captures crime as it happens.

Spanish Fork, UT– September 26, 2007– EHS, Inc., a Utah based law enforcement equipment company, has announced the arrival of its newest product, the VIDMIC.  The VIDMIC is a revolutionary data acquisition system which goes everywhere the officer goes and records important information at anytime.  A full color digital video recorder, still photo camera, and digital audio recorder are all housed in a fully functioning shoulder mic.  Because officers already use shoulder mics, there is no need for them to add additional equipment to their already overburden utility belts in order to have video and audio recording capabilities.

The contributions of video technologies to successful police work are well documented.  In-car video has been shown to reduce frivolous law suits and increase the likelihood of successful prosecution.  At the same time, video enhances officer safety, training, performance, and professionalism.   Video reduces time spent writing reports and protects officers from false allegations.

But in-car video can’t go with the officer up to the door, inside the apartment, down the narrow alley, or into the backyard.  It can’t prove the officer had permission to search a house, had probable cause to do a sobriety test, and did, in fact, Mirandize a suspect.  For all the outstanding advantages of in-car video, the VIDMIC will provide even greater, far reaching benefits for officers and police work.






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