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Tactical Command Industries Chosen to Supply Thai Elite Tactical Unit

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Tactical Command Industries, Inc. (TCI) has been selected as the tactical headset supplier for the elite TF90 tactical unit in Thailand. TF90 has selected several TCI headset models, including the Liberator III Integrated Communications Headset and the TTMK-III Tactical Throat Microphone Headset, after an exhaustive research program. Other defense and law enforcement elements in Thailand are likely to follow the recommendations of TF90. TCI headset solutions will provide reliable communications capability to further enhance TF90’s effectiveness.

About Tactical Command Industries

Tactical Command Industries, Inc. (TCI) is a US-based company that was founded in 1996 by real-world tactical operators. TCI has proudly served all branches of the United States Department of Defense, as well as international forces, law enforcement agencies and private security contractors. TCI’s core product line is tactical communication headsets and integrated communication headsets. TCI has also earned a world-wide reputation with Special Forces for custom headset products for specialty mission requirements. All TCI products incorporate state of the art components, exceptional usability and are manufactured in the United States of America. TCI products are also available worldwide. For more information, call TCI EAST at (603) 418-8705 or TCI WEST at (925) 219-1097 or visit www.tacticalcommand.com.

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