TEA Headsets continues to provide quality products for over 25 years

TEA Headsets’ reputation for high quality, durable and long lasting products continues to grow after more than twenty five years.

Pennsylvania Attorney General, Bob Mattis, says, "I'm surprised at the durability of the TEA Headsets; we still have 9 or 10 working that were purchased in 1990-91; that's a testimonial to your product! Thanks again and our purchasing people will be contacting you in the near future."

TEA Headsets

About TEA Headsets
Television Equipment Associates, Inc. (TEA) was founded in 1969 and quickly became the dominant supplier of Video delay lines and filters, digital interface and routing systems, as well as communication headsets to professional broadcasters and digital equipment manufacturers throughout the United States.

In the course of 33 years, TEA has partnered with many companies such as Avitel, BCA, Drake Elcon, Matthey Electronics, Metawave Video Systems, BAL Broadcast, Davies/Marconi, Racal Acoustics, Thaies, Recortec, Senheiser, and many others. In 1982, TEA designed and began to manufacture the LASH Communications Headset for military and tactical applications. The range has now expanded to over 40 specialized products.

For more information on TEA Headsets and to view more Product Testimonials, visit www.swatheadsets.com.

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