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Vice Detective Recommends SWAT Headsets' COLLARSET III

A report from a Vice Detective following evaluation of Collarset III Communications Harness

“The Collarset III evaluation results were outstanding, I used it in several operations. I used it in an undercover John Operation as back up and spotter for the under cover female officer who commented on the Collarset III as an excellent toll for our work in the department.

I have been using the Collarset, which is a low profile "one-wire" system with an acoustic tube and a very comfortable earpiece. This earpiece is a "non-occluding" ear mold, which means it lets you monitor the radio discretely but yet you can still hear normally around you, allowing for complete situational awareness during covert and undercover operations.

I used the Collarset during a prostitution operation with a Female Detective as a decoy in an undercover capacity and myself as her backup and spotter. She  commented that while I was using the low profile mike set she felt safe because I was able to keep her in constant eye view and did not have to avert my eyes by looking into my lap in order to broadcast information to the mobile arrest teams. In addition the radio repeater is not outwardly heard which facilitates covert radio transmission It was positioned under my shirt over my collarbone and the microphone was able to pick up my voice, even whispers, clearly and easily as normal speech.   I didn't even need to talk right into it, it was sensitive enough to pick up my voice and anything said to me. 

I used the COLLARSET III on several other operations such as, mobile surveillance, pre-raid surveillance and this product did something very rare these days - it did what it said it was going to do. With the product delivering what it said it would do and my partner’s comments stating it mad her feel safer during the undercover prostitution operation, I feel this is an outstanding product.

So it is my recommendation that the purchase of the COLLARSET III would be a great asset for the officers who use them and the boast of confidence of the people whom they are backing up on the street as stated by my partner to me after using the COLLARSET III during our prostitution operation and showed her the product I was testing. She was very impressed with the product.”

For information on Collarset III, please go to www.swatheadsets.com or phone (310) 457-7401.


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