Introducing the Fin Ultra Ear Tip from The Ear Phone Connection

Offering 360 Degree Situational Awareness with All Day Comfort

Valencia, Calif. – The Fin Ultra from The Earphone Connection. The Fin Ultra open skeleton design allows for more ambient sound to travel through. The addition of the opening to the FIN makes it a better replacement to the Ghost ear mold. The Fin Ultra still maintains the same comfort and security but allows for a higher level of situational awareness for those who need it. It now includes an elbow for universal acoustic tube fit.

The Fin Ultra ensures a secure fit. The soft Fin fits easily inside the contours of the ear, keeping the tip securely in place even during evasive movements. Additionally, the cone shape, fits safely and snugly into the opening of the ear canal without penetrating the inside of the ear reducing ear fatigue.

With unsurpassed comfort, the Ultra Fin's semi translucent fitted tip is composed of Shore 25 silicone making it one of the softest ear tips available providing first responders mission critical all shift wearability.

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Since 1997, The Ear Phone Connection, Inc. has worked diligently to deliver professional and innovative two-way radio accessories to the law enforcement industry. By introducing the earpiece as a safety-essential uniform accessory, The Ear Phone Connection created a demand for two-way radio accessories. Over time, a simple earpiece has evolved into an entire line of earphone kits that serve to keep law enforcement, fire and EMS professionals communicating safely and efficiently. With successful brands such as: Tactical EarGadgets™ and BlueWi™.

The Earphone Connection, Inc. has become a leading force in bringing innovative communication tools to the consumer and professional markets on an international level.

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