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With Launch of TEA 2.0, a Legacy Continues for TEAHeadsets

For the past 40 years TEA has help set the standard in tactical communications and has been one of few companies to have the ability to specialize in multiple headset technologies and integrate their push-to-talk devices into almost any radio or vehicle currently in use by our soldiers today.  They have developed products for thousands of military and law enforcement teams that maintain optimum reliability and durability in some of the most extreme environments by some of the most demanding operators.

TEAM TEA is proud to announce the release of their new TEA 2.0 website that replaces www.SWATheadsets.com which has been in place for more than a decade.  The new TEAheadsets.com site was designed to help educate and inform military and law enforcement users in choosing the right product pairing (headset + PTT) for their operational needs. They've also added audio and video demonstrations for each type of headset technology as alternative ways of presenting their products.

Their next generation of products take tactical operators to the next level of sensory and device control.  New headset features include state of the art digital and enhanced hearing, which allows you to hear through walls, digital sound compression that reacts in less than a .02 milliseconds to protect your hearing against impulse noise such as gunfire or explosions, all within an in-ear headset no bigger than what you use for your iPod.  They also have new push-to-talk devices that allow you to control multiple radio devices and your hearing abilities with one centralized device. 

Even though everyone is going digital these days TEA will continue to create and offer “budget friendly” communication headsets and push-to-talk devices.  “Our focus is not just on the new high tech products, it’s on all of our product lines, we want to ensure the right person gets the right product and at the right price for them. – Nicholas Lafferty, Director of Marketing”
About TEA
TEA is committed to providing the highest degree of quality possible in the processing and handling of all of your communication needs.  They specialize in helping you select the right products to fit your requirements and operational needs. Their job is to ensure that you will be able to communicate loud and clear, anytime, anywhere... so whatever your tactical needs may be and even in the most extreme environments you’ll be able to say... “I HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME®…  To learn more about TEAM TEA and their products go to www.TEAheadsets.com


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