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Television Equipment Associates - Tactical Active Hearing Protection

SWAT Officers with damaged hearing puts Tactical Active Hearing Protection to the top of many SWAT procurement “must buy” lists.

The new STEP Ear Defender/headset from TEA has twin ear enveloping foam earmuffs which are snugly and comfortably positioned over your ears with an adjustable spring headband. They have excellent passive attenuation but the ‘hear-through’ electronics accommodates whisper communications. Each earphone contains a battery powered micro processor controlled circuit which lets you adjust receive sound sensitivity. Damaging concussions are reduced to a safe level of less than 70dB without shutting down communication.

You can set the earphone sensitivity on high and achieve a tactical advantage for building clearance. Separate electronics in each ear shell insure excellent stereo reception so that user can judge both the direction and distance of sound. The battery compartment is waterproof and AAA batteries provide over 600 hours of operation.

The STEP hearing protectors are available as submersible products and can be supplied with a boom mic or will interface with the Invisio Bone mic or LASH throat mic headsets.

The new STEP tactical Active Hearing Protectors will prevent hearing damage from weapon concussion while you retain complete situational awareness. The pair shaped earphone will fit under the new ballistic helmets.

With the STEP hearing protector/headset, you will be able to hear faint whispers but your hearing will be protected from the concussions of weapon discharge.

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