TEA Headsets Announces HEAR-PRO PROMO!

Brewster, N.Y. - TEA Headsets is now offering their INVISIO S10 + U94 PTT for a special reduced package price!  Replace your big bulky ear muff headsets with the INVISIO S10 Dual In-Ear Tactical Headset which provides you with certified hear-pro, enhanced electronic awareness and proven in-ear bone conduction microphone!  We are also including our Tactical U94 Push-to-Talk Switch which works with practically any radio (Dual Radio Version also available).  TEA offers a no obligation 30 day evaluation program for qualified teams.  Make the switch to in-ear today, contact TEA today for a quote or eval.

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Protect your hearing with the latest in-ear headset

Protect your hearing with the latest in-ear headset

The CLARUS line by Silynx offers top performance and guards against hearing loss at a price to fit any budget

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