Genesis Speaker Microphone Now Available!!

February 12, 2003 OTTO Communications announces the new Genesis Speaker Microphone. The Genesis speaker microphone with dual grill is the most rugged unit in OTTO’s speaker microphone portfolio. It’s durable design and construction meets MIL-STD-810E, is fully sealed per IP68 standard and is designed to withstand prolonged exposure to water and temperature extremes. The removable front grill with replaceable debris screen and washable speaker cavity area allows users to easily wash away dust, dirt and other debris. The unit also includes a clothing spring clip, which can be, positioned 360 degrees. The Genesis also offers an optional watertight accessory jack to support a full range of audio accessories including Skull Microphones, Throat Microphones and various headsets. This unit is designed for rugged environments including public safety markets (police, fire, SWAT and EMT services), maritime law enforcement, high end industrial and military users.

OTTO Communications designs and manufactures a full line of two-way radio accessories for the most demanding applications including public safety, fire, police, security, surveillance, hospitality and industrial markets. OTTO provides a full line of accessories including surveillance kits, lightweight and heavy-duty headsets, remote speaker microphones, skull and throat microphones, racing communications equipment and dispatch headsets. OTTO Communications supports a wide range of radio platforms providing accessories to most major two-way radios and 911 consoles.

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