Waveband Celebrates 10 Years

Waveband Celebrates 10 Years We are proud to announce that we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Waveband Communications was founded in April of 2002 to custom engineer and deliver unique products to better service the two-way radio accessory needs of the public safety, military, security, retail and hospitality industries.  Over the past 10 years we have received our customer feedback, which has been instrumental in allowing us to develop and manufacture accessories that perform every time right out of the box.

In order to meet our customers demanding needs we have made significant investments in inventory, sales support, quality control, website development,    and have secured the required contracts needed to make doing business with  Waveband Communications effortless. Our success is the direct result of our quality first philosophy utilized by our knowledgeable staff, which is always committed to providing the highest level of service

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