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TEA: Portable Radio Batteries and SWAT Call-Outs


Can you get fresh portable radio batteries at '7-11'?

You can if your SWAT radios are Personal Role Radios from TV Equipment!

Because unanticipated discharge of portable radio batteries are a frequent problem, many departments invest in a battery management procedure which is a losing battle because of the nature of rechargeable batteries. The problem is exacerbated during long or extended SWAT call-outs. Packing a spare battery in you vest adds weight and bulk to an already overburdened SWAT member.

A new technology ……… the Personal Role Radio (PRR) from TV Equipment fulfills requirements of SWAT communications – and operates 24 hours on 2 AA batteries – you can easily carry an extra set in a pocket – or, if you run out, stop in to a '7-11'

But – a battery solution is not the only contribution of PRR to SWAT comms. Other features include:

  • Secure Communications - spread spectrum techniques at 2.4GHz. provide low probability of detection. As this eliminates ‘media monitoring’, the scale and details of the incident get reported correctly. We have heard rumors that sophisticated military scanners are unable to detect PRRs in the next room which, if true, may reduce the need for expensive high level cripto radios with there inherent security restrictions/complications

  • 256 channels mean up 256 teams or squads can have private communication

  • For urban applications the 2.4GHz enhances comms in buildings and tunnels -

  • Fully tested - 100,000 units are now in service with the US Army, USMC, USAF and Brit. Royal Marines - see lessons learned in Iraq

  • NBC compatible - with protective clothing and respirator - the headsets fits under helmets with mic interface to gas mask.

  • Dual Radio option – the PRR radios are offered in two flavors – a team member version and a team leader version. The team leader gets a 2nd PTT button and a cable to a second radio – perhaps a command radio or police radio. This makes it possible for the Team Leader to operate two radios simultaneously

  • Much has been reported about the difficulty of “first responders” communicating with each other when responding to a disaster because various groups use different radios and frequencies. One solution will be issuing Team Leader PRRs

  • Wireless PTT switch – a device that resembles you car door opener – no wires - attach to your hand, weapon or tool and enables you to key PRR radio without taking you hand from your weapon

    The PRR kits is offered on GSA contract # GS-07F-0277K. PRR sales are restricted to US Military, Federal, State and local governments.

    For more information about Personal Role Radios, please visit TEA at: www.swatheadsets.com

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