TEA Announces the New Thumb Press to Talk Switch for Handgun Applications

Thumb Press to Talk from TEA TEA introduces the handgun switch RP-7 to add to our line of press to talk switches. A sturdy, reliable molded rubber thumb actuated press to talk switch supplied with an 18 inch cable, which fits over your index finger, positions PTT button just under left thumb when holding hand gun in Weaver position or for Sniper weapons. The open ring is adjustable to any index finger size. The switch is actuated using your left thumb and the button has positive reinforcement so that you will have confidence that the radio has been keyed. A velcro strap is supplied to dress the cable to your forearm.
  • For switch RP-7 to plug into the side of switch D, use PN RP-7P
  • For switch RP-7 supplied as the principal PTT switch for Invisio Bone mic headset, use INV/RP-7

For more information on the handgun switch RP-7 or other press to talk switches, please visit www.swatheadsets.com

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