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OTTO Website Gets An Extreme Makeover

OTTO The OTTO website has received an extreme makeover and now provides customers with better navigational tools and the latest information on OTTO products and services. The new home page includes a featured product section and a new search function that allows customers multiple search options including search by part number, product category, radio model number and military part number.

Each product information page has a standardized format which quickly links customers to pricing information, replacement parts and the ability to email product information to their customers or co-workers. The new eLibrary allows customers to quickly view or print the latest OTTO information including: catalogs, advertisements, press releases, tradeshows and much more! Visit the website today at www.ottoeng.com and let us know what you think!

OTTO Communications designs and manufactures a full line of two-way radio accessories for the most demanding applications including public safety, fire, police, security, surveillance, hospitality and industrial markets. OTTO provides a full line of accessories including surveillance kits, lightweight and heavy-duty headsets, ear hangers, remote speaker microphones, skull and throat microphones, dispatch and racing communications equipment. OTTO Communications supports a wide range of radio platforms providing accessories for most major two-way radios.

For more information and to browse OTTO's new website, please visit www.ottoeng.com

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