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August 2011 Product Roundup: Communications

PoliceOne is focusing on news and information about law enforcement Communications throughout the month of August. A far cry from the smoke signals and carrier pigeons of the past, today’s sophisticated communications tools are secure and reliable. Take a look at the following products to see how they may take your department above and beyond tin cans with string. Check out some of the latest communication products and services available for law enforcement today.

The Next-Generation Police Interceptor from Ford
CJ QuietTac Throat Microphone
The QuietTac Throat Microphone provides optimum freedom with high quality audio, as well as ease of use. Utilizing a high quality single piezo microphone transducer mounted on a strapless neck brace, the QuietTac eliminates background noise with no need for adjustment. To learn about CJ Components and their line of communications products, visit their website at www.cjcomponents.com or call 631-567-3733.

2011 Dodge Charger Pursuit at Warnock Fleet

Freelinc Dual Muff 300 Wireless Headset
The Dual Muff 300 Wireless Communication System is the perfect cordless system for environments surrounded by moving obstacles and loud engines. Enhance your safety around heavy equipment by eliminating the cords and cables.Get more information about this product at www.freelinc.com/products/dualmuff.php or by calling 866-467-1199.

The Next-Generation Police Interceptor from Ford
The Scout™ VoIP Console by Avtec
Scout is Avtec's 4th Generation console product, and was designed for a 10+ year lifecycle in mission-critical environments. Instead of using inferior and difficult to support PC sound cards, Scout provides a dedicated Media Workstation with it's own Ethernet connection and rugged peripherals. This allows customers the option to furnish standard PC's and benefit from reduced life-cycle support costs. To learn more about Scout, click here or call 800-310-7045.

The Next-Generation Police Interceptor from FordRELM Wireless Presents the KNG Series Mobile Touch Screen Radio
Meet the KNG Series Mobile, the industry's first mobile radio with a touch screen display. The KNG Series Mobile offers exceptional features in a standard size package for both mid and high power applications and is compliant with APCO Project 25 Trunking specifications. Offered in four frequency bands and two power options, 50 or 100 watt, the KNG Series Mobile is smart and easy to customize to fit your everyday needs. To see how KNG Series Mobile can solve your communications needs, visit the website or call 800-821-2900.
The Next-Generation Police Interceptor from Ford

P7300 Dual Band, Multimode Portable Radio
As a leading supplier of assured communications systems and equipment, Harris provides powerful networks and powerful radios for law enforcement, federal, utility, commercial and transportation markets. The Harris P7300 dual-band multimode radio delivers end-to-end encrypted digital voice and data communications and is Project 25 Phase 2 upgradable, once the TIA standard is finalized. For more information, click here or call 800-368-3277.

For more information on communications, visit the PoliceOne Communication Product Category.

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