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Radio Interoperability for Warfighters and Mutual Aid Responders to be Demonstrated at DoD’s CWID 2006

Incident Commanders’ Radio Interface (ICRI) to provide radio interoperability between military, homeland security, and civilian agencies

Reston, Virginia – June 12th through June 22nd the interoperability demonstrations by the Marine Corps will be conducted at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division, Virginia during CWID ’06 (Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration).

The “Incident Commanders’ Radio InterfaceTM” (ICRI) is a small, portable device that will provide the “bridge” between otherwise incompatible radio technologies, improving interoperability amongst U.S., coalition war-fighters, and mutual aid first-responders

Cited as “Top Performer” in the 2005 “Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration” trials, the ICRI will be used to address two key areas:

U.S. & British Coalition Warfighter Interoperability

The Marine Corps Warfighter Lab (MCWL) is using the ICRI to demonstrate interoperability with British counterparts in England. The demonstration will have the ICRI interconnect U.S. military line-of-sight radios to satellite phones for transmission across the Atlantic – to be received by an England-based ICRI for re-transmission to British radios.

In addition to connecting radios using typically incompatible frequencies, the ICRI works with radios with different wave forms and secure radios, using types of encryption.

Linking US Marine Corps and U.S. civilian agencies

The “Rapid Response System–Land Mobile Radio” is a communications system enabling Marine Corps first responders to have radio communications with civilian agencies during mutual aid activities – such as the 2005 hurricanes (and the impending 2006 season). As part of the vehicle-based system, the ICRI will provide the ‘bridge’ to interconnect radios from Marine Corp personnel, Spotsylvania County (VA) Sheriff’s department and other municipal public safety agencies.

The Rapid Response System (RRS) provides Marine Corp bases with the tools to rapidly deploy interoperable communications within themselves or with local, state, and federal emergency management agencies.

Ease of use in the field, simplicity and effectiveness, lead to the ICRI’s use during the RRS CWID ’06 demonstration.

About Communications-Applied Technology (C-AT):

C-AT is a veteran-owned, small business that designs and manufactures the ICRI, radios, and intercoms for military, public safety, and commercial organizations.

For more information on the ICRI, please visit www.radiointeroperability.com, or call 1-800-229-3925.

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