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C-AT provides 1st Responders with Expanded Radio Interoperability for Collaboration

“ICRI/EOC” provides additional talk-groups for the growing number of agencies responding to emergencies and disasters

Reston, VA – Communications-Applied Technology, manufacturer of radio interoperability devices used throughout military and civilian agencies, has launched the “ICRI/EOC” version of its “Incident Commanders’ Radio InterfaceTM.” The ICRI/EOC expands the portable ICRI’s capabilities to permit the connection of ten different agency radios in an interoperability network, and divide them into four independent “talk nets” or “talk groups” using clearly definable rotary switches.

The ICRI/EOC, for a fixed site or mobile Emergency Operations Center, provides simple to configure, easy to operate, cross-band, cross-platform radio interoperability across typically incompatible equipment. The ICRI/EOC supports all commercial trunking and conventional radios, military radios, satellite phones, cell phones, and land-line telephones.

The four-talk group capability provides an Incident Commander with expanded control to separate special teams and agencies into task-specific radio nets.

Based on the design and engineering of all ICRIs manufactured by C-AT, the ICRI/EOC offers the unique ability to be set up in less than five minutes, creating voice connections without technical assistance, special training, or computer interfaces.

The ICRI/EOC is available for console or rack-mounted installation in fixed or mobile emergency operation center, or SUV-type mobile command center. Equipped with a full complement of radio interface cables, the ICRI/EOC is priced at $20,000.

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