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C-AT Extends Radio Cover for 1st Responders in Subways and Below Grade with Delivery of the ICRI-2P

Police and firefighters in areas of poor radio coverage get big gains inside tunnels, buildings, and across remote and inaccessible terrain

Reston, VA – Communications-Applied Technology, manufacturer of the of “Incident Commanders’ Radio Interface” family of interoperability devices has launched the ICRI-2P – a rapidly deployable, highly portable device that can provide entry 1st-responders voice communications with command and support personnel not previously possible.

The costly, complex problem of lack of 800MHz radio coverage in a mall, tunnel, or similar structure, where operations beyond the reach of existing repeaters leads to erratic radio communications between field personnel and dispatch, can be successfully addressed by the ICRI-2P (“2P”). A strategically positioned 2P with two portable radios will enhance the responders’ safety with reliable communications in situations where signal coverage is otherwise poor or unavailable.

Built to the same specifications as the ICRI, the smaller ICRI-2P provides both repeater and interoperability for radios and land-line/cell phones. At a cost below $5,000 the 2P can link communications between security personnel of a school, industrial plant, casino, hotel, or office building with municipal and state public safety personnel.

Public safety agencies may tailor the ICRI-2P to address special shipboard or cave entry applications.

Designed for ease of deployment and field maintenance, the 7” x 7” x 2”, the 2P operates for 5 hours with a single, 9V battery, power source. A 12V battery pack is available for operations that can exceed 30 hours, without battery replacement. Fully outfitted for operations, the standard ICRI warrantee of 5 years is provided for the 2P as well.

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