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The Power to Always be Ready-The Go-Kit from Sprint Nextel

Activate on-the-fly and pay as you go

Whether a natural disaster or man-made emergency, being ready to go on a moment’s notice can save billions of dollars and sometimes lives.

With the Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) Go-Kit™ from Sprint’s Emergency Response Team, public safety agencies can keep a cache of devices and Mobile Broadband Cards on-hand for emergencies, preparedness drills or pre-planned events. Simply purchase phones, cards and accessories and pay for service only when you use the equipment.

Get your own Go-Kit™

Choose from a variety of devices, Mobile Broadband Cards and accessories. Specify the quantity and configuration of your rugged, shatter-resistant Stormcase™ cargo containers.

•Reserve your phone and Direct Connect numbers with a $75 per unit per year charge so you can publish the phone numbers in your Emergency Planning Documents.
•Receive your devices inventoried, packaged, programmed, labeled and fully charged.
•Manage your devices with our label printing program (included with your kit) and the easy-to-follow directions in our RDS Go-Kit™ Handbook.

•Activate only the services you need. Select from cellular (local or long distance), Direct Connect and/or data services.
•Call the ERT 24x7/365 Support Hotline at 888-639-0020 (for GETS users 254-295-2220) to activate.

To learn more about RDS from Sprint’s Emergency Response Team, contact your Account Representative, call the 24x7 ERT Support Hotline 888-639-0020 (for GETS Users 254-295-2220) or request information by email at EmergencyResponseTeam@Sprint.com.

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It will help create a new standard for response which may help public safety agencies to advance even further towards their goals of protecting life and property

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