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In Motion Technology launches next generation first responder communications management solution

Wireless technology improves response times, interoperability, reliability and efficiency


VANCOUVER, British Columbia — In Motion Technology, a leader in vehicle area networks for public safety organizations, today announced the first mobile, multi-network communications management system for public safety organizations. In Motion’s onBoardTM Mobility Manager seamlessly extends the management of a headquarters’ network to first responders in the field and in-transit with real-time monitoring of vehicle location and diagnostics, dispatch status and network health ensuring interoperable transmission of critical data.

The onBoard Mobility Manager, together with In Motion’s industry-leading onBoard Mobile Gateway, combine to deliver public safety-grade seamless communication across all wireless networks - including 3G, 4.9GHz and 700 MHz. It is cost-effective, reliable, secure and will support future technologies.

First introduced in 2006, the onBoard Mobility Manager today is used by more than 60 organizations to serve communities and save lives. The new server-based product offers:

map-view displays of vehicles, their locations and status of their mobile communications;
a full suite of network management capabilities;
a dashboard overview of the performance and coverage of all mobile networks; and
custom administration, provisioning and network access rights and remote upgrades.
Guilford County EMS has been using the hosted service version of the onBoard Mobility Manager for over a year. "In EMS, it's hard to keep up with all the changes in technology. The only thing that seems certain is that we're going to continue to see more and more of it," said Jeff Boyers, systems administrator, Guilford County EMS. "The onBoard Mobility Manager enables us to know where our vehicles are and to diagnose potential problems, before they happen. In the old days with modems and cell cards, we may not find out about communications problems for days, and then we'd have to take the truck off the road to have the problem diagnosed and fixed. With the onBoard Mobility Manager, we will know what's going on with our mobile network, and we can fix any problems ‘over the air’ without the crew even being aware. We have better unit hour availability and our crews can focus on patient care instead of worrying about the communications."

“Public safety organizations demand reliability, security and interoperability to serve their communities,” said In Motion Technology CEO Kirk Moir. “City and county first responders must be equipped to focus on and manage their mission without worrying about how to make various technologies work together. Our new onBoard Mobility Manager allows public safety network managers to give first responders the communications access they need.”

"Network technology is continuing to evolve - with WiMax, 4.9GHz municipal mesh networks and, soon, 700 MHz networks,” said Moir. “Public safety organizations need future-proof systems today that will enable communications with current field teams, and protect investments in technology equipment and applications.”

About In Motion Technology
In Motion Technology provides cognitive wireless systems that enable public safety organizations to stay connected while in motion. The company’s complete vehicle area network solution ensures that any IP device can be useful in the field immediately with no modification, connecting to headquarters over the most reliable communications network available. In Motion Technology solutions have been successfully deployed in high-performance EMS, Police and Fire departments in the US and Canada. Founded in 2002, In Motion Technology is based in Vancouver, BC. For more information visit www.inmotiontechnology.com.

Guilford County EMS
Guilford County EMS provides paramedic coverage to 450,000 permanent residents and 60,000 commuters who live and work in the 649 square miles of Guilford County, including the cities of Greensboro and High Point. Guilford County EMS employs approximately 200 personnel. For more information, visit www.gcems.com.

For In Motion Technology
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Lauren Mauro, 512-542-2832

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