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Washington DC Police and Emergency Management Agencies Deploy Ordia Solutions at Papal Visit

Mobile Tactical Collaboration System™ and AdvanTraq™ GPS deliver common operating picture, tactical information sharing, and real-time command and control situational awareness to public safety officials during April 2008 Papal Visit

Washington, DC, and Vienna, VA, April 17, 2008 – Ordia Solutions, the leading provider of mission-critical collaborative command and control systems for public safety leaders and first responders announces the successful deployment of its next generation homeland security-focused Blue Force Tracking system during the Washington leg of the 2008 Papal Visit to the United States.

FEMA Office of National Capital Region Coordination (NCRC) chose the Papal Visit to Washington as an opportunity to evaluate advanced collaboration and command and control technologies.  By using Ordia Solutions’ Mobile Tactical Collaboration System, NCRC, Washington DC Homeland Security Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA) and Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) personnel experienced an unprecedented level of inter-agency information sharing, as they were able to develop and share multiple operating plans in real-time between the City’s Emergency Operations Center, MPD's Joint Operations Command Center, and several mobile command vehicles at various venues.  Additionally, using AdvanTraq GPS, commanders and supervisors were able to track locations of first-responders in and around Nationals Stadium in real-time using digital maps, personnel location-based services and shared workspaces.

“During emergencies and Special Security Events, real-time information sharing with multiple federal, state and local agencies is critical and at times, extremely challenging", said Christopher Geldart, Director, FEMA Office of National Capital Region Coordination.  "The exercise with NCRC, HSEMA, MPD and Ordia Solutions during the Papal Visit demonstrated a capability that can enhance the region's abilities in this critical area.”

“The integrated MTCS/AdvanTraq solution shows its utility as a tactical information sharing tool to enhance the effectiveness of multi-agency teams tasked with securing high-profile special events” said Joe E. Ordia, Chairman and CEO, Ordia Solutions.  “Whatever the collaboration-based mission – securing special events, searching for a missing child, tracking fugitives, coordinating/executing mass evacuations, protecting critical infrastructures, escorting dignitaries, executing simultaneous raids or other tactical operations, if it involves multiple personnel and venues across a wide geographical area, it is highly likely that MTCS can markedly enhance mission effectiveness, success and safety.”

For more information, visit www.ordiasolutions.com, e-mail info@ordiasolutions.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call (888) 819-3038.

About Mobile Tactical Collaboration System™ & AdvanTraq™ GPS
Ordia Solutions’ Mobile Tactical Collaboration System™ is the only product on the market that integrates incident management, collaboration, and blue force tracking into one easy-to-use, ready-out-of-the-box solution.  MTCS is designed to be used by first responders at the furthest reaches up and down the chain of command using mobile computers, handheld devices, and at the headquarters and operations centers.  MTCS facilitates the tactical management of complex operations and allows senior leadership to share multiple operating pictures between several agencies and jurisdictions.  AdvanTraq™ GPS gives supervisors the ability to know in real-time exactly where forces are deployed in relation to the incident site, infrastructures, support elements, and each other.  MTCS is the total solution for critical incident response, special events management, and multi-agency information sharing.

About Ordia Solutions
Headquartered in Vienna VA, Ordia Solutions is the leading provider of mission-critical, tactical, interoperable, collaborative, and mobile command & control solutions for public safety. Founded in 2005, the company’s mission is to develop, market, and support next generation collaborative command and control technologies that enable public safety leaders, first responders, and tactical operators, to collaborate on day-to-day activities, to manage security operations at special events, and to respond to environmental calamities or terrorist attacks in a more timely, coordinated, safe, and effective manner.

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