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FATPOT Mobile Interoperable System to Play a Key Role in the Missouri Criminal Justice Modernization Project (MCJMP)

FATPOT Technologies

FATPOT Technology’s software will increase the MSHP’s effectiveness and efficiency in critical life-saving and fiscal areas:

-Automating field reporting. The FATPOT system will consolidate over 40 paper-based forms into a handful of electronic reports featuring instant auto population of reports with authorized information from local, state, and federal databases, as well as a seamless supervisory approval process.
-Increasing effectiveness. Replacing expensive, inefficient paper-based processes with user-friendly, streamlined electronic systems. For example, the MSHP will be able to create and process an accident report electronically in less than half the time it takes to complete the existing paper-based process—a significant return on investment for the State of Missouri.
-Strengthening public safety. Freeing up MSHP personnel from time-consuming reporting allows greater public safety and visibility on the state’s roads.
-Building statewide situation awareness and increasing officer safety. Generating greater situation awareness by providing a real-time digital map that displays live information about units and calls for service in multiple-jurisdictions throughout the entire State.
-Creating real-time, secure data sharing. Sharing information with CAD and RMS systems, and opening the door to future multi-jurisdictional coordination, collaboration, and communication.

Captain Kim Hull, Director of the Patrol's Communications Division says, "After a great deal of research the Patrol realized we wanted to pursue the ‘best-of-breed’ concept for our systems replacement. We not only evaluated all responding vendors for requirements, but we also had an in-depth end user evaluation. Both areas considered, we selected FATPOT for our mobile client environment. We are truly looking forward to the deployment of the new system and how it will improve officer efficiency and streamline the information process. Ultimately increasing officer safety and improving our ability to provide the best in public safety to the citizens we serve in Missouri."

FATPOT CEO, Brian Taylor observes, “We at FATPOT are absolutely committed to delivering the finest mobile software in the world to Missouri State Highway Patrol. The return on investment MSHP will experience using our automated field reporting module, along with increased mobile communications with other agencies, will not only save valuable time and considerable money, but will also significantly improve overall public safety throughout the State. We look forward to optimizing the MSHP’s mobile computing capabilities and partnering with its professionals to do more with finite capital resources in this tough current budgetary environment.”

About FATPOT Technologies
FATPOT Technologies is the leading public safety software solution provider for rapid data integration and real time information sharing across dissimilar systems. FATPOT’s virtual data fusion technology (Peer Intelligence™) provides multi-jurisdictional data access on demand by seamlessly bridging system and network compatibility gaps. FATPOT provides interoperability, mobility, and high-performance software, including automated field reporting solutions, mapping and other critical applications for local, state and federal public safety markets.

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