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New World Systems to Advance Multi-Agency Data-Sharing and Interoperability throughout Yuma County, Arizona

Numerous public safety agencies will leverage New World’s integrated solutions to enhance award-winning interoperability project.

Troy, Mich. — Public safety agencies throughout Yuma County, Ariz. have selected New World Systems’ solutions to enhance data sharing and communication as part of the large Yuma Regional Communications System (YRCS) interoperability project. The YRCS has signed a contract to license New World’s Aegis Public Safety Solution on the Microsoft® platform to connect the Yuma Police and Fire Department, Yuma County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Fire and Police Departments of San Luis, Somerton, Wellton, and Cocopah and Quechan Indian Tribes, enhancing access and sharing of critical crime and safety information county wide.

In 2009, GSN: Government Security News named the City of Yuma as the winner of their Homeland Security Award in the category of Most Effective Municipal/County Security Project or Agency Head for the YRCS radio project and their efforts toward establishing county wide interoperability. After completing the shared radio project, YRCS agencies agreed that the next step in achieving total interoperability was to select a completely integrated suite of public safety software solutions to replace old technology and multiple disparate systems. The YRCS Council, made up of representatives from the agencies and Yuma’s Information Technology Department, identified the combined needs of the agencies and conducted an exhaustive review of solutions and vendors. The YRCS Council was determined to find the best solution from the best vendor that would meet all the operational needs of the individual agencies and provide total data sharing capabilities. They also wanted to protect their investment by partnering with a company that continuously leads the market through investments in growing their solutions both now and in the future.

“We were looking for a modern system developed on state-of-the-art technology and a company that has demonstrated continuous investments in R&D and future solution development so we always stay current,” said Greg Wilkinson, City Manager. “Selecting the right vendor is critical.”

“This project offered us an excellent opportunity to bring all agencies together to identify our combined public safety software needs,” said Laurie Neinast, Director of IT. “When we evaluated New World, we found that they were very knowledgeable, not only of technology and software development, but of the law enforcement environment as a whole. Ultimately, we selected New World because they by far offered the best functionality for all of our agencies, have an excellent reputation for customer service, forward-thinking product vision and proven company stability.”

New World is providing the YRCS agencies with Aegis Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management, Mobile Computing, Corrections Management, and Field-Based Reporting software developed in-house using proven Microsoft® technology, industry-standard Windows® Server and SQL® Server. New World is also providing its revolutionary solution, Aegis Link, a web-based interoperability solution to enable complete information sharing between agencies. The easy-to-use, completely integrated solutions will provide the agencies with built-in workflow, helping to eliminate redundant data entry and streamline business processes. The solutions will help improve safety by allowing data to flow freely, quickly and securely through all applications, offering total access to information for dispatchers, firefighters, patrol officers, and corrections officers. Field-based Reporting will also allow officers to easily create and submit incident reports directly from the field for the first time.

“Safety for our officers and community is our number one priority,” said Captain Susan Otero. “New World’s solutions will help us share critical safety information in ways we’ve never been able to before. All of the agencies will experience the ease of gathering information and the community will notice a difference in the impact we will have on crime.”

Bordering Mexico, Yuma County occupies 5,522 square miles and is home to more than 190,000 residents. New World’s solutions will help the eight public safety agencies in Yuma County, including the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office, the Yuma Police and Fire Departments, two tribal agencies and more, quickly respond to mutual aid calls and better protect and serve residents no matter where they are in the County.

“New World’s solutions will allow each law enforcement agency and fire agency to see exactly where every public safety vehicle is and to constantly know everything that is going on within our County at all times,” said Wilkinson. “Law enforcement doesn’t stop at the border of our city and New World’s solutions will ensure the fluidity of information moving from jurisdiction to jurisdiction beyond our radio capabilities.”

In addition to helping the agencies further improve communication and the sharing of crime data, the implementation of New World’s solutions is allowing the agencies to standardize their business processes to further streamline and coordinate public safety efforts.

“So much time will be saved by providing a seamless view of information for all agencies during emergency situations,” said Neinast. “In the process, we are eliminating duplicated efforts, improving business processes, sharing technical and financial resources and offering all agencies an advanced public safety software solution. We have invested a lot of time in ensuring we are making the right choice for our County. New World will help us reach our goals.”

“New World Systems is pretty much nationally recognized as the unrivaled leader in providing real-world interoperability and data sharing solutions that work in large and complex multi-jurisdictional environments,” said Mark Prevost, Vice President of Marketing for New World. “We have really set the gold standard in creating and implementing solutions that allow all manner of first responders and public safely personnel, whether law enforcement, fire, corrections, etc., to seamlessly work from one shared and completely transparent and integrated system. Yuma is another great example of a countywide initiative that is elevating the ways we protect and serve the public and we are thrilled to welcome them to our large and growing community of customers”.

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