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Missouri State Highway Patrol Implements New Mobile Reporting System

Submitted by Molly Britt

Data sharing platform from FATPOT Technologies optimizes trooper response.

Bountiful, Utah – FATPOT Technologies – an industry-leading provider of public safety and security technology, interoperability and integration – recently completed the installation of a new, fully mobile field reporting module for the Missouri State Highway Patrol (“MSHP”).

Operating under FATPOT’s PortalONE system, the reporting module provides MSHP troopers with a suite of data sharing features designed to enhance dispatch activity with communication centers and reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork. Using the program, troopers can:

• Efficiently record and document incidents via wireless networks directly from their vehicle
• Consolidate more than 40 paper-based forms – including authorized information from local, state and federal databases – into a seamless electronic process
• Work from a real-time, dynamic map to view the location of first responders, calls for service, resources and other trooper units to quickly identify and manage critical incidents

"This is a true enhancement for the Missouri State Highway Patrol," stated Captain Kim Hull, director of MSHP's Communications Division. "With more than 800 MHSP officer vehicles equipped with FATPOT’s system, we are able to more effectively track emergency calls, offer greater situational awareness and most importantly, increase trooper safety. By streamlining our reporting process, MSHP officers can devote more time patrolling Missouri’s highways and providing the best service to the citizens of our state.”

In the near future, an electronic ticketing module inside officer vehicles will also be available, giving MSHP troopers the ability to issue, transmit and submit citations into their Report Management Systems (RMS) systems – eliminating redundant manual entry.

“By optimizing their emergency management capabilities, MSHP will significantly improve overall public safety throughout Missouri,” stated Brian Taylor, CEO of FATPOT Technologies. “We at FATPOT appreciate the opportunity to service and grow MSHP’s mission critical systems, and look forward to expanding this technology to other organizations throughout the country.”

FATPOT has successfully deployed its unique and robust technology solutions in approximately 150 city, county and statewide public safety agencies across the nation.


FATPOT Technologies is a recognized industry leader in data interoperability and sharing among disparate public safety and homeland security software applications and tools. A subsidiary of Communications International, Inc., FATPOT is powered by Peer Intelligence rapid integration architecture, designed to quickly integrate disparate CAD, RMS, 911, GPS, and other critical data systems into one unified application framework. This enables highly advanced cross-jurisdictional situational awareness for key decision makers and first responders, who can instantly communicate and coordinate emergency response more effectively.

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CII is an internationally recognized systems integrator with expertise in wireless voice, data and networking technology. Working with leading manufacturers and software companies, CII helps mission critical, public safety, transit and utility networks clients achieve their vision by fitting best in breed technologies together from concept to implementation. An employee-owned company with 10 locations and 180 employees, including engineers, technicians, project managers and subject matters experts, CII supports operations and projects across the U.S. and abroad.

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