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Battle-proven MICH™ Communication System Join New MSA Police Line

Pittsburgh, Pa. - MSA's new durable MICH Communication System were first worn under the MSA Advanced Combat Helmets (ACH) of U.S. soldiers on Middle East battlegrounds. Now, Law Enforcement officers can also wear MSA's MICH Communication System, either as a stand-alone headset or under MSA's ACH. Your MICH System will protect your hearing while enabling clear radio/intercom communications and situational awareness on the job.

MSA's lightweight, comfortable, and easy-to-use MICH System provide superior hearing protection and amplification. They use an unobtrusive bone-conduction microphone/sound transmission system to interface with various police radio transceivers and intercom systems. The single-communication system facilitates hands-free monitoring of a single radio. MICH Single-Communication indicators are offered for the Motorola XTS family, ICOM, IC-F3, MBITR PRC 148L, MBITR Maritime PRC 148M, and other radio systems.

The high-noise headset, ideal for areas where weapons may be fired, provides hearing protection above 82 dB (an NRR of 22), and amplification of ambient noise below 82 dB (situational awareness).

MSA's new ACH delivers the world's most advanced ballistic and impact head protection to Law Enforcement users, with unsurpassed comfort for long-term use. Like the ACH, the new MICH Communication System were officially introduced at the IACP show in November 2004, as part of the "MSA Police Line" of products that are "Trusted by our military forces. Now available for our police forces."

For MICH Communication System ordering information, pricing, and availability, and/or MSA's Commercial Government expert or distributor near you, please contact MSA's Customer Service Center at our special toll-free number for Law Enforcement: 1-888-MSA-0018 or visit www.msanet.com.


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